Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Risk Assessment – Challenges and Opportunities

Author - Abhishek Kushwaha

In last few years the industry compliance and regulations have grown more stringent and have been streamlined or are in the process of being streamlined to meet the new technological advancements. Organizations, irrespective of in which sector, public or private, have come to rely heavily on Information Technology and Information Systems for their daily activities. A typical information System in an organization can range from simpler personnel system to complex industrial systems like SCADA. Based on this complexity, the risk associated with the particular system varies from low impact to high impact. Therefore, with the evolving technologies, the standards and regulations have to undergo iterations to remain relevant in the digital age.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Why to integrate PCI with HIPAA

Author - Himanshu Shewale

"Compliance" is a big word for IT industry which is driving a significant amount of business. While following different rules, regulations and standards, you are not just avoiding potential fines and penalties but you are also gaining huge customer trust by ensuring their data is safe and secure in your custody.